Mya children’s Bedrooms

Mya is a contemporary style children’s bedroom collection which suits the requirements of a growing family. Mya can be adapted from time to time to your changing needs in terms of furnishing, style and function.
Bed Systems
Mya offers a complete range of solutions for your children's and teens’ bedrooms, perfect for even the smallest spaces. Choose from our selection of designer solutions including standard beds, bunk beds, space-saving convertibles, loft beds, high-sleepers and mid-sleepers for the most diverse needs! Our suggested layouts provide a few useful hints to simplify the choice of combinations, adapting them to your personal spaces and tastes.
Children’s Bedroom Accessories
Desks, chairs, shelves and many more complements and accessories to customise your modern children’s contemporary-style bedroom and, at the same time, transform it into an efficient and tidy storage space!
All hanging units are available in various different heights and widths, with or without hinged doors, to help you create numberless layouts!
Our Mya desks can be made to measure and customised with USB sockets to re-charge your electronic devices.